Offering a personal capture, working with you to get that shot and message across. From on the Ground to up in the Air you can relive an experience in High Definition video footage.

Also available up to 6K as a cost option.

Latest 4K Video Showreel On YouTube 


Offering a personal capture, working with you to get that shot and message across. From on the Ground to up in the Air, capture that moment from a different perspective with my Photography option.

Also see Art Store below for my Portfolio Gallery, Downloads, Prints, Canvas, Pillows to Mugs.

Imagery Exclusivity Available as well.


Creative capture using all Ground Camera, Drone, Gimbals with a Creative flare.

Personalised and adapting our capture process specific to your needs.

Using both Video and Photography to get your promotion the coverage it needs on all platforms.




Hi, thanks for stopping by. 

My name is Neil and I am a Hybrid Shooter. From both on the Ground & from up in the Air I can capture the unique photos & video you need to help get your promotion off the ground!


* Exciting new angles and opportunities to capture and promote your Venue or Event. *

* Online Art Store for Large Canvas Prints, Framed Prints and lots more! *

* Imagery exclusivity agreement where required with T&Cs and Privacy Policy in place. *

I am 'licensed' approved by the Civil Aviation Authority – CAA PfCO Number 6584.

This means I have been granted Permission for Commercial Operations, I have gone through the training and testing, I create risk assessments for jobs and have commercial public liability insurance.

I have over 3 years’ experience and you can also see my flight time below in the Drone Logbook counter, now over 100 hours.

I have worked capturing aerial images all over East Anglia, varying from buildings, nature, coastal to a wedding. I have also worked directly with a local estate to capture their crop fields and coordinated with local USAF air traffic control.

Grateful to be a finalist in the Thetford Calendar Competition both in 2019  & 2020 calendars.
I am an Approved Supplier to Sodexo Ltd 
I have worked for local companies and at private events in Thetford.

I am friendly, approachable, professional, keen, hardworking, and I have in place T&Cs and a Privacy Policy.

Please take a look at my Art Store Gallery portfolio and the other services I can offer you which include, site surveys, roof or tower inspections, crop survey photos, 3D mapping, promotion photos or video for your venue. Latest 4K Video Showreel On YouTube 

Drone equipment: DJI Inspire 2, up to 6K capture, X7 with 16mm (wide angle) & 50mm (zoom) Lens & DJI ND Filters set.

Back up equipment and for ideal for crop surveys: 4K DJI Mavic Pro.

Onsite mobile petrol generator & charging station for 'non-stop' capture.

Dual Operator option available, ideal for fast paced captures!

Ground Camera Equipment: Sony A7iii 4K Lens: 24mm (wide angle) + 85mm (portrait), ND Filters set, DJI Ronin SC.

Lighting: Lumecube & Rotolight

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask or if you would like a quote please let me know all the details, postcode and mission brief through the contact box below.

Thank you in advance & best wishes,


Neil James Garrod



Please have a look at my Art Store Gallery through the links below.

From Prints to Pillows to Mugs!

This is fulfilled by Wix/ and I have trialled them, they're great!

Watermarks shown will be removed on printing and downloads.

High Quality Bespoke Products and delivery on these are approximately 12 - 14 days from receipt of order. 

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